Centro Documental Blest

The genesis of this documentary project was a collective which grew into a cultural not-for-profit association and this horizontal structure has created a very particular working methodology. All contributions of work are voluntareer. Although the Centre legally and by its own statute can do so, the website does not accept any sponsorship or publicity. Its use is universal and free of charge and it follows strict criteria of documentary integrity.

To date approximately 25,000 documents and more than 155 books have been digitalised for the Website. The newspaper and periodicals library will consist of the 5 most important publications of the Chilean diaspora in the literary field and it is hoped to recover 20 of the cultural and/or journalistic publications of the exiled community. Currently the entire publications of 'Araucaria' and 'Chile-America' have been digitalised and the remaining publications are being produced at the rate of 1000 pages per month. They should be available shortly.

It is intended to preserve in digital image format all the publications of the Chilean diaspora which by virtue of the format, cannot be converted into text.