Centro Documental Blest



The Blest Document Centre consists of a group of multi-disciplinary researchers with diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. Dedicated basically to research in the fields of law and social sciences, our work has been focused on producing documentary records, giving support to and assisting in the genesis of websites of organizations involved in scientific and human rights research. Henceforth we will be undertaking the development of a documentary archive in digital format dedicated to modern Chile.

We have been developing a collection of documents about Chile for more than 10 years, more specifically a basis document concerning the period from the 1960s until the early 1990s.

The methodology of organization and selection of materials follows a criterion of relevance and recurrence of the document. Those materials considered authoritative will be available in each discipline, illustrating the areas of research and how each historical moment is typified by them. In this way, we will attempt to create a library of social science on the subject of Chile.

The materials included in these websites will comprise two core subjects:

* The legal and socio-economic debate in the country, whose central disciplines are local economy, law and sociology. The production of the State and the political organizations would be included here.

* Social scientific and cultural materials in the different areas of national production: these will include those which best characterise each critical historical moment and the attitude of the different actors in the country.

We aim to recover the social scientific debate with respect to the recent history of Chile. For this reason we emphasise on the presence of all the actors and sources.

We are conscious of the difficulties involved in assuming a task of this importance. Indeed, it is a project which, given its magnitude, should be assumed by the State or a substantial academic institution.

We want to give effect to the right to be properly informed. We believe that knowledge and debate on the basis of the maximum amount of material ever possible, without interference , are the best guarantee for the construction of a solid democratic citizenship

We hope to produce a means of communication and consultation to exchange ideas in a pluralist, democratic, universal and free of cost environment.