Chile's Road to Socialism



Speech broadcast on radio and television on Labour Day
Santiago, 1 May 1971

Comrades, the Revolution, the destiny and future of Chile lie in your hands. If we fail in the economic sphere, we shall fail in the political sphere, and this would mean bitterness and disillusion for millions of Chileans, and for millions of our brothers in other continents who are watching and supporting us.

We must realize that far beyond our frontiers, in Africa and Asia, and also here in the heart of Latin America, men and women are watching us with passionate and comradely interest. Consider, comrades, how in other lands the people have risen up to make a revolution and been confounded by the counter-revolution. Torrents of blood, imprisonment and death mark the paths of struggle of many lands in many continents. Even in those countries where the Revolution did triumph, the social cost has been very high. It has been paid for in lives, comrades, paid for with the priceless lives of children, men and women. Even in those countries where the Revolution triumphed, they still had to overcome the economic chaos caused by the struggle and trauma of combat or civil war. Here we can make the Revolution along lines that Chile has established, at the minimum social cost, without sacrificing lives and without disorganizing production.

Passionately I appeal to you, with the concern of an elder brother, to take up a responsible attitude. As your comrade President, I call on you, workers and fellow countrymen, to protect the future of Chile, for it lies in your hands.

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