Chile's Road to Socialism


Organization and Production

Speech closing the plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Chilean Socialist Party
Santiago, 16 March 1971

This battle must be fought with profound revolutionary spirit. We should encourage the people to mobilize and unite, not just to turn out in the streets at the first sign of subversive activities on the part of certain groups, but also to develop in themselves a sense of responsibility towards their work and the will to make a greater effort. What great satisfaction I felt as your President when I received the miners' reply that they would produce more coal; when our comrades in the saltpetre works confirmed that they too would produce more, and our copper-skinned comrades in the copper mines became united in their attitude to their work; when, far away in the industries of the southern zone, the comrades of the Austral Wool Company assure us that they will work and produce more. The workers of Tome and Purina have also given assurances, and I know that tomorrow the word will also come from the lecture rooms, the hospitals and from all places of work. We must organize the people, and concern ourselves especially with marginal sectors, with the comrades who still suffer so much; we must organize for the retired, for the homeless, for workers in business and industry, more and more for the peasants, for women and for students. We intend to organize for the whole of the community, raise the level of their political consciousness and show them what these persons are trying to provoke and what we intend to avoid with the support of the revolutionary will of the people.

We intend soon to introduce the system of workers' participation in industry. We do not envisage a system of state capitalism but a march towards socialism. The participation of the worker in the economy must begin precisely with his participation in industry, commerce and the business world.

Comrades, there must be active popular participation in the running of our townships. There must be solidarity, and concern for the essentially public problems, the problems of a district, a sector or of the whole community. We must create a new concept of civic life, the essential base of the activities of the Popular State. The public services must become more democratic, so that the people will have greater opportunities for work and for cultural and recreational activities. We must have a coherent concept on which to base the planning of the economy. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to say that for the first time in the history of Chile a government has today published, in La Nacion, a summary of the programme for 1971, listing all the activities to be undertaken by the government. But that programme has only one driving force - the enthusiasm of an informed and revolutionary people, masters of their own destiny, whose efforts spring from the strength of their convictions.

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