The Chilean Road to Socialism

Dale L. Johnson

Anchor Books.
Garden City, New York. 1973


Introduction: The Chilean Road to Socialism

PART I: Underdevelopment and Imperialism: A View from the United States

1. Multinational Corporations and Chile
2. U. S. Policy in the Making: Chile, to Accommodate or Crush
3. The Coincidence of Internal and External Counter revolutionary Forces

PART II: Underdevelopment and Dependence: A View from Chile

4. Copper, Chile's Wages of Toil
5. The United States Presence in Chile
6. The Search for National Independence

PART III: Popular Unity: Program, Ideology, and Political Allies

7. Popular Unity: Direction and Leadership
8. The Popular Unity Coalition
9. Christian Left and Revolutionary Left

PART IV: Class Structure and Politics

10. Classes and Social Strata
11. The Working Class: Principal Social Basis of Marxist Politics
12. New Social Forces: Peasants and Marginals
13. Equivocal Forces: The Middle Strata and Women

PART V: Institutional Forces

14. The Church
15. The Military
16. Education

PART VI: The Opposition

17. The Reaction
18. Christian Democracy
19. The Right
20. Violence

PART VII: Economic Structure and the Process of Socialization

21. The Chilean Oligarchy
22. Economic Policy
23. Banks, Bankers, and Banking
24. Industry
25. Commerce and Consumption
26. Agriculture and Agrarian Reform
27. Urbanism

PART VIII: Problems of Transition to Socialism

28. The Direction of Economic and Social Planning
29. Socialism or State Capitalism?
30. Populist Reform or Mass Revolutionary Mobilization?

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