Arbitrary arrests and detentions in Chile
4th Session of the International Commission
of Enquiry into the Crimes of the Military Junta in Chile

Helsinki, March 28th-29th, 1976, Finlandia House


1. Opening ceremony
1.1 Speech by Mr. Jacob Söderman, Chairman of the International Commission, Member of Parliament of Finland
1.2 Cable from Mr. Kalevi Sorsa, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland
1.3. Speech by Mr. Kalevi Kivistö, Minister of Education of Finland
1.4 Speech by Mr. José Antonio Viera-Gallo, Member of the Chilean Delegation, Leader of the MAPU-OC
1.5 Speech of Mr. Américo Zorrilla, Member of the Chilean Delegation, Member of the Political Commission of the Chilean Communist Party

2. Special presentation
by Hans Göran Franck, Secretary General of the International Commission, Lawyer, Sweden

3. Arbitrary arrests
3.1 Ole Espersen (expert), Member of Parliament, Professor of International Law, Denmark
3.2 Pastor Orlando Molina (witness), Venezuela
3.3 Patricio Gajardo (witness), Chile
3.4 Friedrich Karl Kaul (expert). Professor of Law, Vice-Chairman of the International Commission, German Democratic Republic

4. Serious illtreatment of detainees
4.1 Giuliano Vassalli (expert), Professor of Law, Italy
4.2 Written report by Niall MacDermont, Secretary General of the International Commission of Jurists (Geneva)
4.3 Sheila Cassidy (witness), Great Britain
4.4 Aura Hermosilla (witness), Chile
4.5 Luis Beltran Prieto Figueroa (presiding the session), Senator, Vice-Chairman of the International Commission, Venezuela
4.6 Gerhard Stuby (expert), Professor of Law, Vice-Rector of the Bremen University, Federal Republic of Germany

5. Disappearance of detainees
5.1. Heinrich Buchbinder (expert), Publisher, Switzerland
5.2 Margarita Ponce (witness), Chile
5.3 Patricia Gajardo (witness), Chile
5.4 Written statement by Bishop Helmut Frenz, F.R. of Germany

6. Military trials
6.1 John Platts Mills (expert), Lawyer, Queens Counsel, Great Britain
6.2 Ricardo Navarro (witness), Chile
6.3 José Olivares (witness), Chile
6.4 Guido Calvi (expert), Professor of Law, Italy

7. Inhuman prison conditions
7.1. Guy Aurenche (expert), International Movement of Catholic Lawyers, Pax Romano, France
7.2 Carlos Perez (witness), Chile
7.3 Samuel Riquelme (witness), Chile
7.4 Zdenek Cheshka (expert), Professor, Vice-Rector of the Carls University in Prague, Czechoslovakia
7.5 Special presentation
Vladimir Kudriavtsev (expert), Professor of Criminology, Director of the Institute of State and Law of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

8. Young persons: objects of arbitrary arrests and detentions
8.1 Jules Borker (expert), Lawyer, France
8.2 Diana Montes (witness). Chile
8.3 Raul Gonzalez (witness), Chile
8.4 Hector Alonso Lopez (speech), Member of Parliament, Venezuela

9. Legal responsibility of the Junta for its criminal acts
9.1. Stanley Faulkner (expert), Lawyer, USA
9.2. Czeslaw Pilichowski (expert), Professor, Chairman of the Polish Main Commission of Enquiry into the Crimes of the Nazis in Poland.
9.3 Georges Basil Magakis (expert), Member of Parliament, Lawyer, Greece
9.4 Anna Vashkova (expert), Vice-President of the Supreme Court, Czechoslovakia

10. Special report
Alejandro Jiliberto, Leader of the Socialist Party of Chile

11. Concluding statement
12. List of participants
13. Details of witnesses

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