Salvador Allende Reader

James D. Cockcroft, Editor

Ocean Press, 2000


Introduction: Allende's Words Then and Now by James D. Cockcroft

1. Chile's Medical-Social Reality 1939

2. Election Day Interview with Canada's CBC Radio September 4,1970

3. Victory Speech to the People of Santiago September 5,1970

4. Inaugural Address in the National Stadium, Santiago November 5,1970

5. Letter About Pablo Neruda on the Occasion of his Nobel Literature Prize, 1970

6. Missions and Tasks of Youth and Agrarian Reform Speech in Santiago Plaza, December 21,1970

7. Address to International Workers' Day Rally Santiago's Bulnes Plaza, May 1,1971

8. The Role of the Armed Forces From press conference with foreign journalists Santiago, May 5,1971

9. First Annual Message to the National Congress May 21,1971

10. My View of Marxism From press conference, May 25,1971

11. First Anniversary of the Popular Government National Stadium, Santiago, November 4,1971

12. Interview with Salvador Allende and Fidel Castro by journalist Augusto Olivares Becerra, November, 1971

13. Farewell Address to Fidel Castro Santiago's National Stadium, December 4,1971

14. Here are Assembled the People of Chile Speech to citizens' rally in the streets of Santiago, March 18,1972

15. Address to the Third UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Santiago, April 13,1972

16. Interview with Chilean Journalists On the radio show "The Great Inquiry", September 10,1972

17. Address to the United Nations General Assembly December 4,1972

18. For Democracy and Revolution, Against Civil War Third Annual Message to the National Congress, May 21,1973

19. Report to the Nation on the Military Uprising of June 29,1973

20. Last Words Transmitted by Radio Magallanes September 11,1973

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